Introducing Spoke & Wheel Strategy


So here it is, the announcement that I have officially started a company: Spoke & Wheel Strategy. It’s a brand integration, ideation, and declaration company offering services that run the gamut across PR, digital, and marketing.

To say I am both terrified and excited is an understatement. This is a new journey, one that I strongly believe in and have wanted to do for a very, very long time. I certainly don’t know everything, but here’s a little bit about what I do know:

I want to do something that matters to myself and to others. I want to live a life full of passion, and one that I can be proud of. I am sick of settling, and I refuse to do it anymore. I want to work with people who are equally as passionate about what they are doing and are excited about the future.

I want to work with clients to build mutual respect and collaborative partnerships. I want to help people get their message out to the world, hone in on their goals, reach the right people, and get tangible measurable results. I want to use my passion and my drive to succeed, to affect the people who care as much about who they are and what they are working on as I do.

Mistakes are inevitable. I’d be foolish to think otherwise. But the important part is not to let the fear of making them put limits on reaching my goals. I have every intention of kicking ass, and refuse to let my fear of failure stop me from doing amazing work for people and clients who deserve nothing less.

I have worked at several PR agencies, both in Chicago and NYC. Some experiences were good; some not so much. But, all were learning experiences. I went back to grad school in Integrated Marketing Communications because I felt like many PR agencies were missing the mark: not focusing on the holistic brand picture or peering through a very siloed lens. Throughout the years, I have learned a lot of what to do and even more of what not to do. So here’s what Spoke & Wheel plans to do in this new venture:

We will help our clients hone in on their vision of who they want to be and how to best position themselves to reach their business and marketing goals. We will work with them to define their brand vision and manifest it authentically through the channels of public relations, social media, content marketing, and innovative campaigns if and when it makes strategic sense for them. We will help connect brands with media and influencers that can impact their business and help companies, ranging from new indie developers to companies with deep-rooted history, build their long-term brand equity and garner momentum. We will always be honest and authentic and we will consistently look for ways to innovate and evolve, striving to be better.

So here it is: my leap of faith. It’s new, exhilarating, and a truly vulnerable place. It would mean the world to me if you would support me as I embark on this new chapter.