So what exactly do we do? We’re a brand integration, ideation, and declaration company.

Our strategic approach rests on integration, not isolation, because we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We look at the integrated holistic picture, to help guide and navigate your brand based on your personalized goals. We have a unique approach to strategy that will challenge you and help you hone in on your strengths. We strive to make the strategic development and marketing process uncompromisingly organic, but not intimidating. We work hard to collaborate with you to define, declare, and share your brand’s story in a way that is authentically yours.



  • "Dana's expertise, honesty, and ability to provide a clear course of action made the monstrous task of launching a game, both manageable and successful. She knows the industry and truly understands exactly what it takes to market your game. Dana is authentic, tactful, and not afraid to tell you like it is. It was an absolute pleasure working with her every step of the way. If you're lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with her, you can trust that you'll be in good hands."

    Taraneh Dohmer, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

  • "Dana has been a fantastic sounding-board and advocate! Sharp, seasoned, and honest, she's been instrumental as I've made the transition from being 'only' an actor to branching out further into - and wanting to highlight - speaking, event organizing/judging, and especially consulting. Trying to encapsulate and communicate everything I do and care about as a coherent package felt like an unusual challenge, but she tackled it with gusto. She respects and absorbs my priorities and passions, and builds a strategy to serve them. And of course she understands games, and has a strong network of games press. I've really enjoyed working with Dana and heartily recommend her to others."

    Sarah Elmaleh, VO Actor, Consultant, and Advocate

  • Midway through development on Eliza, I realized I didn't have a good handle on how to describe this complex and dense story to others. Dana helped me take a step back and view the work as a whole again, distilling it down to the key elements that would communicate well and resonate with others.

    Matthew Seiji Burns, Eliza

  • "I went looking for help with PR and Marketing there was a seven year gap between my last game, Super Hexagon, and Dicey Dungeons, and I felt very unsure about how to approach marketing for it. A lot has changed in indie games over the last decade! I'm used to working alone, and finding somebody who really understands all this felt impossible - so I feel very, very lucky to have found Dana. The first thing Dana did is schedule a number of long skype calls to literally just talk with me about the project in a lot of detail - its inspirations, design goals, what I wanted it to be. I found having to verbalise all this a little difficult at the time, but it was a really valuable exercise - for one, it meant that Dana became an expert in the game, and understood exactly how I thought about it and how I wanted to talk about it. And two, it got me to the point where I could really communicate to other people why I thought it was a special game. Once Dana was on the project, we'd have regular check in calls to talk about everything related to promoting the game. Dana was excellent at advising me about everything we could be doing that we weren't. An incomplete list: Dana encouraged us to apply for booths at PAX South and PAX East, and helped with the applications. She helped us get a trailer made for our PAX South booth, and then again for our launch. She helped the team keep a consistent social media presence, and helped to write our presskit and steam page. She encouraged us to keep communicating regularly with the world about how development was going. She booked meetings with journalists to come visit our booths, and followed up with everyone who popped by individually afterwords. On the run up to our launch, she helped us to make a proper announcement, reached out personally to all the journalists and streamers who'd attended our booths and made sure everyone knew the game was coming out. It was her job to care about making sure other people cared about the game, and she was fantastic at it."
    Dicey Dungeons had a phenomenal launch, and is now the most successful game I've ever worked on. Within its first month, it outsold the steam sales for my previous two games VVVVVV and Super Hexagon - put together. We couldn't have done it without her.

    Terry Cavanagh, Dicey Dungeons

  • Working with Dana is such a refreshing experience, she helped us think in new and creative ways. Dana brings a deep knowledge of marketing and PR, but delivers it with creativity, aesthetics and fun. We felt challenged every step of the way, so not only did we get fresh perspective, she also helped us dig deep into our own creative potential to uncover game changing results. One Degree delivered a better product as a result of this partnership and highly recommend you do the same!

    Sean Storin, Founder of OneDegree

  • Dana was highly recommended to us by a large PR agency in NY. When we started the project, we didn’t know the best strategy to approach the market but Dana’s feedback was very straightforward. She did a fantastic job of understanding our situation as well our needs. As the project progressed, her advice proved to be very accurate and demonstrated her experience of the industry. We hired 3 separate agencies to help us with our project but Dana brought more media attention than everyone else combined! We look forward to working with her on our next PR project.

    Hardeep Johar, CEO of E-Ring (Formerly Aura)

  • Dana went above and beyond my expectations with her efforts in writing, editing, and reaching out to press. She was a pleasure to work with and provided a much needed perspective to my business marketing and outreach. I greatly appreciated her responsiveness and availability during the launch of my new online course.

    Paul Solt,

  • As non-native english speakers Dana’s work proved key to our game launch success. It sounds silly nowadays, but words are still crucial. Journalists often say that they receive tons of emails and that it can be tough to break through the clutter. Dana did an amazing job of describing our wonderfully wacky game in a way that was compelling to the media. Her strategic direction, contacts, and connections were very helpful in executing a great launch.

    Alexandre Houdent, President of Globz

  • Dana did so much more than help us with PR. She gave us great insights on our branding that helped improve the look and feel of our game. She was also an excellent sounding board in polishing the key aspects of our game.

    Howard Go, Founder of MochiBits