Baller Legends


Baller Legends is a Free-to-Play iOS arcade basketball game that provides customizable experiences. As the Free-to-Play market is incredibly saturated, these types of games often face many challenges from a marketing perspective. Struggling to stand out among the sea of sameness and garner attention from key industry players and media, it’s crucial to have a strong strategy to stand out, particularly when launching during the busy summer iOS release season.

As the developer had never before been featured on the App Store, we worked to create a strong strategy to showcase the game to Apple. In addition, across all our strategic messaging assets we highlighted the motivation behind creating the game, the unique dunking mechanic, and the differentiated art style to make the game standout amongst the countless other sports games on the App Store.

Results & Metrics

  • Baller Legends received a “Best New Games” feature as well as a banner on the Sports section of the App Store.
  • Baller Legends reached the top 10 free games upon launch and garnered close to 1 million downloads in its first week.
  • Received press coverage from top-tier iOS gaming sites including Pocket Gamer, Gamezebo, 148Apps and more.