With the landscape for iOS games becoming more saturated every week and the rise of Free-to-Play games, it has become increasingly challenging to garner attention both in the App Store and with key industry players, especially with a premium title. Launching in the summer, an extremely busy time for game releases and game conventions, we had to work to come up with a unique platform to help Piloteer standout.

A new type of game from the developer, our strategy was to keep much of the game under wraps until very close to release. We teased game elements along the way, piquing interest from various media and consumers, without sharing or showcasing too much of the gameplay or sharing much about what to expect. We also created a strong and compelling strategy to showcase the game to Apple. Launching with an element of mystery paid off, resulting in an excellent launch for Piloteer and catapulting it up the App Store charts.

Results & Metrics

  • Piloteer secured a “Best New Games” feature on the front page of the App Store along with a banner on the front page of the App Store.
  • Reached top 20 in all apps on the App Store and top 15 in games upon launch.
  • PewDiePie, YouTube’s biggest channel with more than 40 million subscribers, did a video about Piloteer resulting in more than 2 million views.
  • Secured Apple’s Free App of the Week resulting in nearly 2 million downloads in 6 days and a number 5 spot in games on the App Store.
  • Upon launch, Piloteer received positive reviews on many iOS gaming sites and beyond such as: Polygon, TouchArcade, Pocket Gamer, AppAdvice, 148 Apps and YouTuber LonnieDos.