We Are Chicago


We Are Chicago is a narrative-driven PC game about growing up on the South side of Chicago among gangs and violence. Although We Are Chicago is about some of the harsh realities facing Chicagoans living and growing up in harsh conditions, it’s a game about larger global and universal issues and working to bring those to light.

Due in spring of 2016, We Are Chicago faces many challenges in terms of creating messaging that’s compelling but sensitive and informed. Additionally, because of the nature of the game’s content, it’s crucial to get in front of the right audience and editors who would likely have a strong interest in the game, while not isolating the general public.

Being particularly strategic in terms of media targeting and messaging, We Are Chicago has garnered great traction so far both with players and media.

Results & Metrics

  • Called one of “2016’s Most Anticipated Games” by Polygon
  • Secured meetings and a press tour with influential media in NYC, resulting in PC Magazine video and article
  • Secured press meetings at PAX Prime, resulting in great press articles in outlets such as Kotaku, Polygon, Geek & Sundry and more
  • Great build up to launch with articles running in key gaming media outlets such as Kill Screen, Polygon and more.